Bentley Bentayga arrives with a new engine

Bentley Bentayga arrives with a new engine

The newly offered unit delivers power of 404 kW and a torque of 770 Nm. These opulent SUVs will move from 0-100 km / h in 4.5 seconds.

Bentley has been expanding its offer since the arrival of SUV Bentayga. It debuted with the twelve-cylinder, later arrived a diesel aggregate. Now comes the third variant, but not the expected plug-in hybrid, but the conventional drive model, which is responsible for the spark plug eight-cylinder. According to the manufacturer, this is the sportiest variant of Bentayga.

Bentley Bentayga engine

Under the hood, the four-cylinder twin-turbo eight-cylinder turbocharger works, which we already know from other VW Group cars such as Porsche Panamera or Lamborghini Urus. In the case of Bentayga, it is tuned to 404 kW (550 hp) and 770 Nm, that is, to the same level as the Panamera Turbo, which is sent to all four wheels via an 8-speed ZF automaton.

In terms of performance, it is currently the centrepiece of the Bentayga offer, yet the carmaker talks about the sportiest version ever. However, it is not fastest, it accelerates from 0-100 km / h in 4.5 seconds and runs at a maximum of 290 km / h. The Bentayga W12 has 4.1 seconds and 301 km / h respectively. But this is the lightest option, with an unladen weight of 2.395 kilograms.

In any case, the sporty character is the braking system, and Bentaygo uses the carbon-ceramic brakes for the first time. And their wheels are really huge, with 440 mm ahead and 370 mm at the rear, Bentley never used that big. The same, incidentally, uses the Lamborghini Urus brothers, but they are standard and not a surcharge for the British SUV.

bentley bentayga

The novelty is also the red lacquered callipers, using special pressure resistant to high temperatures. They are hiding behind some of the 11 offered bikes, including 22-inch discs in a new design. In this case, the wheels are five-spoke and combine a glossy and painted surface.

The interior can be selected in a four-digit, five-digit or seven-seater configuration, with new motifs emphasizing sports personality. Instead of a wooden veneer, carbon fiber lining can be ordered, while the leather upholstery can be newly coloured in the colour of a cricket ball.

The equipment then corresponds to the other versions, so you can buy active stabilizers, Naim music system or active parking assistants at extra cost. You will receive the air suspension at the base.