Bentley – luxury cars for true auto fans

Bentley – luxury cars for true auto fans

The appearance of these wonderful machines conquers, it is enough just to look at the Bentley photo. The price for these cars is quite impressive too. But today let’s focus on some other things in more detail.

A distinctive feature of the brand Bentley is the equipping of all models with W12 engines with turbocharging, exclusively automatic gearboxes, as well as the participation of the customer (at his or her request, of course) in the development of the car.

Bentley Arnage

bentley arnage

To some, the profile of this model may seem somewhat old-fashioned. And indeed, the angular forms make nostalgia for the 90s, but this is the secret of the amazing success of the model, which is actively acquired so far.

The adjusted proportions of the body are impressive, and the short front overhang, especially against the background of the long and massive trunk, looks even more advantageous. Punching on doors and wings complements the image. Unlike most modern cars, including the premium segment, the Arnage bumper remains relatively small – this is what gives the car so much aristocracy.

The massive grille, made in the form of a rectangle, surprisingly organically combines with an unusual form of optics (as it is today). This gives Bentley “look” seriousness and confidence. Mirrors are intentionally deprived of integrated turn repeaters, in order to emphasize the commitment to the “true values” of the brand. The sloped trunk and the rounded taillights also symbolize that the concern honours traditions and remembers what the brand fans like these models for.

The emblem on the hood at first sight seems to be not visible – it’s made for a glossy gloss, because such a car should be recognized right away.

Bentley Turbo R

bentley turbo r

You can buy this luxury car only from others’ hands, since its production was cancelled in 1997. For its time it was an extremely progressive car. So much so that even now its characteristics can give odds to many models.

To true connoisseurs of luxury, in all its manifestations, this car will surely like it. The chic executive sedan directly attracts the views of others. Its noble, slightly angular shapes with a long stern, a massive bonnet and an unexpectedly short front bumper, embody the firm’s style. The image is complemented by chrome door handles, as well as old-fashioned optics, with large “turn signals”.

In short, the saying that good wine will only get better with time, with respect to this car is just as useful. Therefore, collectors are fighting for the possession of this trophy.

Bentley Mulsanne

bentley mulsanne

At first glance, this luxurious road “cruiser” shows that it was created with an eye on the Rolls-Royce Phantom. At once we can say that the “king of cars” has a worthy rival.

The body of Bentley looks like a monolith. It is one-piece and there are no flaws in it. Powerful front with a huge hood, huge wheels, very small (in comparison with the rest of the body panels) bumper and traditionally sweeping grille and air intake.

The profile of the car and its stern is very difficult to distinguish visually. They seem to merge together. The highlight of the car is an unusual shape of the rear wings, thanks to which it was possible to place the fuel tank hatch parallel to the ground. In the outline of the stern and the tail lights there are no sharp lines and transitions – they are all rounded. Well, the dual exhaust system, with oval nozzles, only emphasizes the power and wealth of such a car.