Bentley unveils the new Continental GT3 for racing circuits

Bentley unveils the new Continental GT3 for racing circuits

The Bentley Continental GT was introduced in a completely new form at the end of this summer. The British carmaker now builds on a serial model for racing.

Bentley unveiled the new generation of the Continental GT at the end of August, and the show premiere took place during the September Motor Show in Frankfurt am Main. Now the first series of pictures and information on the racing performance of the luxury British coupe.

continental gt3

The second-generation Bentley Continental GT3 is currently being prepared for the first stakes to be held next season. The new one has to build on race circuits on the first generation of the same name. She has 528 start-ups in races all over the world, 120 of which have finished at the podium and 45 have won.

The racing Continental GT3, of course, differs from the original model at first sight due to extensive bodywork modifications aimed at improving the aerodynamic characteristics of the car.

In the standard version, the new Continental GT has under its hood six-cylinder W12 six-cylinder W12 with a power of 467 kW (635 hp), but the racing Continental GT3 got a twin turbocharged four-litre eight-cylinder engine with a power of around 405 kW (550 hp), whose tuning and control electronics is in charge of Cosworth.

With the eight-cylinder, the six-speed sequenced Ricardo gearbox with a paddle steering under the steering wheel that spins the rear 18-inch wheels.

The Bentley Continental GT3, with a total length of 4860 mm, a width of 2045 mm and a height of 1355 mm, boasts a curb weight of less than 1300 kg, which is significantly less than 2244 kg of the initial mass of the standard Continental GT.

Bentley states that his new racing car has a challenging driving test program and then a racing start in racing. The sale of the Continental GT3 is due to start in June next year.