Luxurious cars: Bentley Continental GTC, Flying Spur and Azure

Luxurious cars: Bentley Continental GTC, Flying Spur and Azure

Bentley Continental GTC

bentley continental gtc

This car is for lovers of the golden rays of the sun. The coupe-cabriolet was created in order to swim in the sea of ​​attention. Its lines amaze with its purity. The car is clearly designed for young people and those who have not yet sour blood.

Despite the powerful engine, in the exterior of the GTC there is nothing flashy and defiant. He seems to know what is better than the rest. All forms are smooth, they flow into each other. A long and narrow hood, an impressive bumper, radiator grille and air intake are complemented by optics of 4 headlights.

Punching on the doors and front fenders conceal the dimensions, the trunk is small, the shape of the rear fenders is similar to that of the Mulsanne model. Hind feet rather modest, but all this is deceptive – it is only necessary to see the famous emblem. 5-spoke wheel disks do not break out of the general ensemble, harmoniously completing it.

Well, blue or steel shades fully reveal the entire expression of this aristocratic Bentley.

Bentley Flying Spur

bentley flying spur

This representative of the British family is created according to all the canons of the firm. However, one can notice the difference between him and other “relatives” at once. This manifest itself in elevated sterns, comparatively small side windows, powerful rear wings and bumpers, modest lanterns and a single air intake in the front bumper.

This is really a magnificent car, its exterior is almost ideal – why argue, because even the sun has spots – but if they are on the Bentley, you simply do not notice them. The dark green shade best emphasizes becoming, but also highlights a few large punching on the doors and wings, which seem to unite different parts in a single symphony. But the trunk lid is not wide.

Huge rims fit into the overall picture as well as possible, the front end is crowned with 4 lights.

Bentley Azure

bentley azure

If you need a luxury coupe-cabriolet, then Bentley Azure will be one of the first in the list. Where else can you find so much refinement and solidity? In each of its lines, dignity and nobleness go through. His front designers intentionally created in the style of the 90’s: strict, round headlights, in the number of 4 pieces, together with a traditional radiator grille form a magnificent tandem. Crowned all this is a massive and short front bumper.

The folding top will allow and admire the sun in warm weather, and hide from rain or wind. A special elegance and ease of the car makes the bend of the rear wings. The stern of the machine is sloping and rounded, two exhaust pipes emphasize the extreme seriousness of the owner of such a gig. Complement the whole picture of punching on doors, wings and thresholds.